Shy bladder seems to be contagious. I never had it until I knew somebody that had it. I found myself thinking of them when I went to the bathroom. Then before I knew it I had too. I sincerely hope none of you get it from reading this but if you do you will know how to defeat it also.
So there I am like 20 years old and I can't pee in front of somebody. I can't even pee if I know there's a good chance somebody will walk through the door. This lasted for the better part of 10 years. I was playing in a band and suffering with it. We would go on break, I would have to urinate the bathroom was crowded and there was no way and I had to hold it at all night long if there wasn't convenient spot outside.
I had had enough I made a promise to myself. I vowed "I will never hold it in again, I don't care if it's 20 below zero and I have to walk a mile to find a spot to pee and I'm late getting back, whatever happens I'm never going to hold it again.

I meant it. So break time came, I went to the bathroom and it was full of people so I went outside. Break time again the bathroom was empty but I still couldn't pee because I knew there was a very good chance someone could walk through the door so I went outside.
In a very very short time I found myself being able to pee in front of people easily. Because I knew that if I did not I was going outside, the pressure was gone there was no panic of" oh no I won't be able to urinate" I knew that I was no matter what.

That's just it. When you make that promise to yourself you have to be true you have to mean it. Never-hold-it-in-again.

It is not an uncommon syndrome and I have the cure and it's not patented and it's free.
i have a neurological bladder dysfunction and i find this offensive
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brot pls
best way to get past the fear of peeing in front of people is by peeing on people.
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
I got over it by realizing how much it intimidates shy guys when somebody walks up to a urinal and spends two minutes pissing out a gallon of coffee and beer.
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How I defeated shy bladder syndrome

and love the bomb

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I an evety characyer in this story
i can pee no probs is dropping a deuce that i can't do and people keep getting mad at me for going outside

I'm more worried about wiping in a public bathroom and there's other people around to hear me cuz I'll wipe and wipe until it's clean.
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I found it helps if you just concentrate on something else than trying to pee when you're standing there. Start thinking about random shit, usually works.
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Repeatedly shouting the word "cocks" over and over again certainly helps. At least either people leave the room or join in.
it often takes me half a minute to get going just because I tend to hold it in for ages and forget so it's hard to shut off that reflex and go, even if I'm alone in the room.

makes it look like I got some shy bladder thing going on at times when that isn't the case.

it's better when I'm drunk though cause I can be all like "idgaf" while standing there waiting instead of being anxious about people assuming I'm anxious.

can take a shit no problem though as long as anyone in the nearby stall didn't see me enter and doesn't see me leave.

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The trick is looking the person next to you in the eye, laughing and saying something along the lines of "haha you don't happen to know where the on-button is on this thing, do ya?"