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I'm having trouble recording live stuff outdoor. The sound is pretty meh. Any idea on what I might be doing wrong?

I use a Blue "Spark" condenser mic. I set it at about 4 inch from my mouth (I would set it a 6 inch indoor) and my acoustic guitar is plugged directly into the audio interface. Guitar sound is almost always good, its the voice that is more difficult.

I tought about using either an SM57 or 58 to cut some of the traffic sound, or wind in general, but the sound quality is not as good as with the Spark.

Should I use a 57/58 or the Spark and where to place them? Thank you UG as always

+ my quick question: why nobody uses pop filter on stage?
How is the sound "meh"?
How does it sound better when it's indoor?

People don't use pop filters live because they don't need them.
Simply keep the mic in the right position, don't emphasize the "p" and "sss" sounds and you'll be alright.
That also is less of a problem with most dynamic mics than with condensers.
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A condenser mic outdoors is going to sound like a cat 5 hurricane even in 5kts of wind unless you use a dead cat.

If you don't want traffic noise, record indoors.

What are you recording and why do you want to do it outdoors?
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Is this a live performance you are recording outdoors, or you just want to record yourself outside?

Here's my suggestion: either way, use a dynamic mic. I just dont think the outdoors is gonna be a good environment for a condensor, especially if the amount of gain youre using is set for you to sing 4-6 inches away. Lower the gain and sing a little closer to the mic. In your daw eq, cut a little more low end to compensate. Compress with 2-4db of compression on the moderate parts, and then do a wide 2-4 db boost at around 10khz to compensate the dynamic mic for a condensor.

If you are recording live shows, add an extra mic in for the audience so you can get some ambience and atmosphere. I recorded a live acoustic set, but didnt bring a mic for the audience noise and it ended up sounding really dry
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