im not really posting here for a while, started a new job and have literally like 1 hour per evening to chill. i practice guitar in my lunch break at work :/ its not ideal for progression!!

anyway very quickly

i decided not to buy a new guitar at least for a while. i completely stopped caring about my impossible-to-fix setup/buzz/action and i just love the tone of my ibanez gsa60 soo damn much i dont care. but i am still 1 bad day away from just suddenly buying a hss strat or something lol

start of last week i found miku's melt to be THE absolute ideal song for me to learn so that's gonna be my first ever full song now, it's the perfect difficulty and great mix of power, open and barre chords. should be trying to bring it up to speed for the next few weeks i guess. tab

lastly before i rush off to work here is a few practice loops from last night, i dont get much chance to practice loop at the moment so it took me a while to remember to relax my picking hand here (very bad scale sync going on, just ignore it lol), but i think you can hear that my "technique" is slowly improving and that at least i'm becoming more aware of it and more able to employ it

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If you structure your practice sections at lunch too improve. You can still improve even if practice time is low. But if you just noodle around, you may find progress slower

Sounds good though :-)
Maybe working on bending to pitch a little bit? I heard a few notes in their where you were a little flat.

Good luck !
yeah that's just carelessness , when you stop caring about the easy bits coz u jst wanna get the hard bits right

lunch time i have to sit in my car which is actually surprisingly shit for practicing guitar lol, you are bunched up in a tiny space. i could technically bring my strap and play in the carpark but i would definitely look like an absolute prick to everyone. it would be an option if i can somehow find a secluded place round a corner somewhere, ill try tomorrow! (*it will rain tomorrow obviously*)

hey! if you havn't got the space/time to practise during your work hours then you can always improve by listening, if you find one part of a solo or a song in general that really catches your attention, then pick up the guitar when you get home and figure it out and mess around and improvise. your ear will be 1000x more valuable than being able to shred but while you are doing this you will also notice improvement in technique and speed. just continue learning to play what you want to hear and the technique will develop along with it! hope that was helpful, happy playing!
thanks i've had a real bad couple of weeks but i'm still in the game