I got a Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI. For the price its an incredible instrument.

For the price, almost any Vintage Modified Squier is a fantastic guitar. If anything it is a fantastic base for modding.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
I had the humbuckee model. The bass was well made and it played really nicely but I can't recommend it because the preamp was utter shite. Squire have a lot more to offer in that range and I'd always steer clear of active basses around that price.

The VM PJ is probably a winner.
i have the short scale version. it's a very nice bass, feels good, no finish or build issues, no rough spots or high frets, sounds good, too.
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I say if you can play one and it feels good go for it. Sometimes it's not about the price tag or the brand it's the play-ability and the sound. If it sounds good, feels good and you can do what you need to do on it; buy it. No reason to worry about the rest.
You really cannot go wrong with Squier these days. You will get a lot for your money. If you have tried that bass and like it then go for it. If not, I suggest one of the Precision or Jazz basses from Squier as it will likely hold its value should you ever want to sell it someday.

It is always better to try before you buy (if possible). There is still variation, however small, from instrument to instrument.