I have an epiphone guitar that is acoustic/electric. Basically you can hook it up to an amp and it has a built in tuner. To use that ability, it requires batteries. I had a preformance yesterday, and I guess I lost the cover to the battery box. It isn't too big of a deal minus the batteries can fall out and it looks as ugly as heck because there's a white sticker saying the battery type. Should I contact the company or cut my losses and not worry about it?

Sure, contact Epi with your model and serial # and a pic of the missing piece. They will probably send you a new one for a $.... Or just put tape over it and live with the shame.
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Until your new cover arrives, a slab of duct-tape tells everyone you are a well-travelled and experienced player.

A couple of bullet holes in the guitar don't hurt either.....
^^^For months a piece of tape (I prefer masking) was the battery holder for the active tone controls on one of my solidbody bitsas. I only tidied at up at the request of the buyer.

An easily detachable cover isn't a good design. - I'm surprised that Shadow's Teutonic efficiency missed that. If/when the new cover comes, I would stick a piece of tape over it for good measure.