I have noticed that the more of the same track I pan (usually center+left+right) the more ''airy'' and ''wide'' the mix becomes, as opposed to have just 1 track in the center. Even if it sounds good, in the final mix it's always weaker and more boxy than the mixes where I use more tracks. I was wondering if there's some sort of ''science'' on how I should pan things, it's mostly pads for ambient/electronic music. If there are estabilished ''do not''. For example if a track is stereo, when I pan it left and right should I make it mono? Doesn't become too cluttering to pan the same stereo track all over the place? ANyway, If you have eq tips about this sort of thing (width, panning, eq, etc), please share them.
It's a personal choice but I don't often do full hard pans left and right (example; full left and right rhythm guitars) because it tends to make them sound weak. I will however pan them 3:00 and 9:00. Panning like many aspect of recording is a matter of taste. There are no hard and fast rules but I can tell when I am going too wide with my pans when I switch the mix to mono. If it sounds bigger and stronger in mono and weaker in stereo I know my pans are too wide. I'm sure we'll have many opinions on this. It's a very good question.
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