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A man goes into a library and asks the librarian for a book on suicide.
The librarian says "Fuck off you won't bring it back".

The objective of this thread is to vote on the song you like the most, but remember: don't base your vote on the quality of the recording, base it on the content.

Here they are:

1 - "Crew" (TheMattGusta)

2 - "Heart Of Heaven" (Papersparrow)

3 - "Fuck You Foltz (Here's Your Fucking Sad Songs)" (whywefight)

4 - "Roots" (nico_9550)

Here is last week's most voted song,
from SirZep, the song "Inferior One"!

If you too want to become a better songwriter/gigolo consider joining our group (http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/mozartfactory/), all the info you need to join this weekly "contest" is there.

The votes will be counted this Friday (post your song for next week meanwhile). The winner of this week's voting will be a mod in our group.

The puppies, as promised.


Check out last week's thread here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33644253
Lmao that joke

Voted for whoosh. Mild body horror ftw
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Crew - Nice. I usually like lo-fi sounding stuff. Some harmonies on the chorus (or maybe just double tracking) would've made it stand out a bit, but it sounds good nonetheless

Heart of Heaven - Not a big fan of the 'muffled' guitar sound, although I think I get the sound that you're aiming for and it doesn't sound...bad anyway. Good overall.

Fuck You Foltz (Here's Your Fucking Sad Songs) - Very deep lyrics. Open for interpretation though. 'I'm so very,very sad that I'm sad' - does that mean that your realize that you're sad and that pushes you to become more sad? or the fact that you're already sad saddens you?
2nd ones is my favourite of the 3...who did you rip off?

Roots - Great guitar tone. I like the synthy intro. I think I would've liked it either as a shorter intro or as a transition to the next bit, like a cross-fade(?) thing - untill it would've become a full fledged blues song. But enough about how I would've done it...
yes also foltz I also ripped off foltz. I referenced an earlier Exactly That song briefly
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