Hi, I just bought a 5-string acoustic bass (with pickup) from Artist guitars and don't laugh, but I like playing it 'upright' like a 'plucked' cello (obviously it's not for bowing, as the bridge is flat)

I was just wondering what strings anyone could please recommend to give it more of an 'upright' acoustic bass sound, with less 'finger' scratch noise when I slide up and down the strings...


ps. here is the bass - http://www.artistguitars.com.au/buy/artist-abj505ceq-5-string-acoustic-bass-with-cutaw/11104
Rotosound Trubass 88s were designed for exactly this. How effective they are is up to you.


I'd recommend getting a really heavy set of steel flatwounds instead and playing by the neck but I know gauges are a pain on acoustics.

Also don't buy 'Fump'. They're shit.
Cool! Thanks, Spaz... I had seen a 'nylon' set and wondered what they would be like - plus they look great! Thanks again... cheers, Dan
I use D'Addario nylons on one of my basses. I like these strings so much, they made that bass my new favorite player. They are so smooth, they almost feel like a single thick strand of nylon. They are a couple of years old now and make flats seem bright in comparison.
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I've had TrueBass 88s on my fretless. You're not going to get a true upright sound, but you will get less vibrato and more thump than regular strings.