This is a two parter

First i was hoping to get other peoples oppinions on Adam Jones from tool? Also Frank Zappa. Ive heard alot of stuff about zapa although i never found a song i actually liked. How about syd barrett? What made he great and or original? Ive heard quite a bit of piper at the gates album and its like this big dark moody atmospheric sound blob which is really great. Im not sure if thats the only album he ever made though

Secondly I wondering if anybody knew any other guitar players like hendrix, or frusciante, players who sound somewhat alike or play the similiar style of guitar. I need to expand my influences a bit.
I can't comment too much on Jones. Tool was certainly one of the best bands of their era, and Jones was no slouch, but that's about the extent of my Tool knowledge.

IMO, If you want to experience Zappa, and you haven't been able to find much that you can stomach, check out "Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar".

This is a collection of instrumentals (mostly) culled from his career and features some great guitar work without the typical Zappa weirdness.

Syd Barrett basically lost his mind from dropping too much acid.
He contributed a little on PF's second album "A Saucerful of Secrets", but not extensively.
Additionally, he came out with a solo album, "The Madcap Laughs", in 1970.
Later that same year he released "Barrett" and then disappeared into seclusion.

They released some "previously unreleased" material sometime in the 80s, but I wasn't a big enough fan of either solo album to bother checking that out.

For guitarists recs, perhaps you would enjoy Robin Trower.
He was heavily influenced by Jimi and it is quite obvious in his recordings.
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