Hey guys, I would say I'm new here but I've looked around the forums a lot and am now a pro member, the tab system is wonderful! I've been playing seriously for about a year now, maybe a little over and I'm very pleased where I am but I still feel like there's a way I can practice more efficiently. I'm really into fingerstyle guitar, as well as classic rock so a lot of the time I will try and make fingerstyle arrangements for songs I learned when I first started playing, easy songs from bands like CCR, Tom Petty, some Skynyrd etc.. But now I'm ready to step it up and I feel like I am not teaching myself anything new. My goal in life (kinda sad I know) is to play on stage, I don't care if it's at a sh!tty bar here in State College or not but I just want to perform for people and do it comfortably. I've dabbled with the idea of taking lessons just so I have an opportunity to play with somebody else, but is it really worth the money? I've already gone this far by myself. I can play Stairway (minus the solo) Freebird (first half) and some other songs I would consider to be hard for me, at least a year ago they were.

Sorry about the wall of text, I guess more or less I'm wondering is a) should I take lessons and b) is there a way other than learning songs I can better myself at guitar?

I started learning theory and scales but is that necessary with the way I play?

Thanks guys,

Well I have to say that knowing a whole bunch of scales isn't really necessary if you are looking for just some fun time with the guitar. But it's always needed to know different scales and theory if you want to be a Professional musician and anything.

For improving, always try to push yourself to learning something new or maybe something that is out of the norm for you. Push yourself to learn something harder each day. That is how Guitar God status is achieved. Also, train your ears, transcribe guitar parts and stuff. Play what you hear in your head.

Oh yeah about lessons, they are good for your form since you have a teacher and got someone to jam with. Learning with a teacher will probably improve you faster. But then lots of famous/great guitarists never took lessons and taught themselves.

So, it's really up to you, man. If you teach yourself, avoid bad form.

As you are sort of a beginner, I'm not sure if you want to do this but I just completed Steve Vai's 30 hour guitar practise routine. Might wanna look into that to at least get an idea of a practise routine.

Look it up here-

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