I am thinking about getting a vibramate to put a B7 on my carved top les paul (Epiphone Bonamassa), but I am wondering if the metal of the bigsby would press into the finish of the guitar or leave indentations.
I haven’t look at every Bigsby model, but mine has soft feet where the unit contacts the guitar.
It may leave and indentation, but in order to install a Bigsby, you need to drill some holes in your guitar/put in screws to hold it in.

I know there are some Bigsbys that you can install without having to screw holes in your guitar, and those will not damage the finish either. Search "non invasive Bigsby" on Google.
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If you use a Vibramate properly it won't damage the finish at all. Anywhere the metal would touch the instrument, there's a piece of felt to prevent the contact.

I have a Vibramate and a B7 on my LP, I took some of the felt off and still no part of the Bigsby even touches the finish.
I agree with Roc8995. I installed a Bigsby B7 on an Epiphone Les Paul Tribute using the Vibramate. The Bigsby doesn't touch my guitar. The Vibramate is ridiculously expensive for what it is but it does the job well.
I also put a Bigsby B7 on my Ibanez AF75 (hollow body/jazz style) but for that I mounted it directly and couldn't use the Vibramate because it has a floating bridge and tailpiece therefore no stop tailpiece studs in the body to mount a Vibramate.
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