anyone here have some awesome ears? i am trying to learn the clean lead part in this that starts around 5 seconds in, but for the life of me i can't figure it out, i usually have really great ears for stuff like this but this has me stumped, if anyone thinks they can figure it out i will give them ten million points

Now I figured it out on an acoustic and this is one of my first tabs that I am figuring out so if I am off, Please don't kill me.

What I can say is that the lead part at the beginning is filled with reverb and maybe delay effects.

This whole thing below counts as 1 time. So they are repeated for a total of 6 times. The drums start kicking in heavy at the 5th time and on the 6th time, there is a slide going into the first lick but only on the 6th time.

(Repeat the whole thing 6 times) On the 6th time, slide into the "13" at the very beginning. I put the slide at the beginning in brackets but play only on the 6th time.

Entire lead is on the High E and B strings.


then (same strings; on High E and B)

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