So I am stumped...I have gotten a really beat up jim root tele body that came with a bkp aftermath for a decent price. Welllllll this guitar has been an adventure. I sold the aftermath (it wasn't f spaced and didn't have a cover) so i used that money to get a bkp aftermath with a battleworn cover that was f spaced. Then i also purchased a seymour duncan sentient for the neck position at a decent price. The neck I got for this guitar is made of padouk (orange-ish color) with an ebony fret board. The body was originally white but it was really beat up. It got a matte black makeover! Black hipshot locking tuners, black hipshot bridge (which doesn't match the original fender bridge holes fyi) possibly a metal black knob, some black string trees, white dimarzio clip lock strap, and now all i am missing is the pickguard...Which i have NO idea what i want to make it. I thought of maybe white, or Black pearl, or maybe even clear! Possibly a matte black pickguard. Does anyone have any thoughts? I don't want to buy a bunch of pickguards just to decide. What do you think would look good? I'm so stumped on such a little thing. I want this guitar to look METAL. Thank you!
Also, would you recommend drilling holes for the hipshot to fit or getting a direct replacement instead? I already have the hipshot but if a direct replacement would be better I'll go for that. I just didn't know if the extra holes would be bad or not.
If you're asking about an aesthetic choice, I think your best bet would be to upload a photo
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As far as the bridge goes, will I be ruining any tonal quality by drilling new holes?
Hmm, rusty sheet metal would look pretty sick, after a clear coat that is.
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