hi, just a general question maybe some of you out there have owned both these guitars.
i currently own a fender cd60ce and am thinking of replacing it with an epiphone dove pro. is the dove pro a better built and sounding guitar? is it an upgrade?

thanks in advance for your comments.
IMHO yes, the Dove Pro is a considerable upgrade. This is because of the Dove's solid spruce top, versus the laminated top of your Fender.

Bear in mind the Dove Pro has a maple neck and body. It's "virtual sister", "The Hummingbird Pro", is mahogany. Maple is somewhat brighter, and more precise sounding than mahogany. So if possible, allow your ears to be the decision makers here.

Epiphone is currently using Samick in Indonesia as the OEM for its acoustic line. Quality control, (from my experience), has been excellent, and the guitars are setup here in the US.

Under NO circumstance buy an acoustic only version of the guitar you're considering. These models designated, "Artist", are laminate tops, and it would put you sound-wise, back where you are now.
Thanks for those information Captaincranky, i'll be sure to check the difference between the dove and hummingbird.
There are Epi hummingbirds, no Artist model, with solid top, and all of the appointmentst of " pro ", great uncut body, great sound,
The specs are certainly better than the fender, eg solid top, and it looks nice, but I don't think anyone can tell you whether it will sound any better or not. Some of the memorably bad-sounding guitars I have tried have been Gibson square-shouldered dreads, and I've never played one I really liked in the way I've liked some of the round-shouldered ones - but a lot of it has to do with playing style.
Tony Done
Ive got ibi aw 54 će, great mahagony body, Worm Full sound, even precize sound, pre good , still like my hummingbird, without pre, not Artist, firm quite hevvy git, Great neck,