Hey Matt,

I honestly really enjoyed these tunes man. This is probably my third time coming back on the forum, seeing the post, and listening through the entire thing. You have a really good sense of melody and rhythm, and you kill it on these tracks. Sounds really post-hardcore influenced. I also like how you kind of merge into a death-core style riff in the Un around 40 bars in.

The only parts I'm not too into are some of the heavier sections. Sometimes you nail it (like in Un), but sometimes I'm not too sure if I enjoy the outside sound to it, or some transitions just need to be smoothed out.

In Deux, the transition from bar 24 to 25 seems kind of like it just kind of changed with no lead in. I think putting in a big drum fill in bar 24, keeping cymbals to a minimum, and letting the cymbals crash on the first beat of bar 25 would make it mesh a bit better. With that said, the next section after that is really sweet, love the slow arpeggios over the chords, and the poly-groove at 80ish bars in with the hi-hat smacks was awesome.

Trois is pretty much perfection in my eyes. The only things I could say I'd like personally out of it would be a solo, and maybe an alternate ending to the chorus riff (instead of the dissonant part on the second run through of the riff maybe a more melodic part?)

In Quatre the 2/4 bars after about 20 bars in are a bit awkward imo. The main melody is quite fun though! Really good vibes from it. My only real complaint is this song ended too soon.

Sinq has an awesome tapping lick at the start. At the very end when you're going into the next riff, I think it'd flow really nicely if you had a bit of a descending run at the second half of the last bar leading into the chord voicings. Your use of alternate time signatures here is really, really good. Flows amazingly, and the bass sounds awesome. Bar 64 is what I was talking about previously about the dark parts I just don't feel are that powerful, or work as well as the rest of the song. Perhaps using a bit more crash cymbal in it instead of riding the china would help. Maybe even having a dissonant arpeggio held out in the back like you did with Deux? Also, this song has my favourite chorus, the rhythm is just so bouncy and fun.

Intro to Six is probably my favourite thing you have written. Just plain class in that melody and that riff. Unfortunately I'm not huge on the next section. It would definitely help to add some variance to the riffs, maybe some fast scale runs here and there, and maybe adding a bit of atmosphere with synth/pads/melody guitar in the latter portions. The melody starting at 127 easily makes the part, this part sounds huge and melodic. The outro is beautiful and really shows all the little things that you had going in that big mess of awesome that was before it.

I know Sept is unfinished so far, but when the second guitar comes in I really enjoy the vibe. Maybe when you write bass for the first part you can have a groovy bass line while the guitar is just chords? I think that'd be fun!

Anyways, TL;DR : Really enjoy your stuff man. There's a few spots that aren't my style, or that I feel could be made awesome with a bit of tweaking, but overall you have an extremely good sense of melody and rhythm, and I'm jealous of your ability to work with other time signatures so fluidly.

Maybe if you get the chance, you could mozy on over to the thread I made and listen to some of my stuff and tell me what you think? It's also metalcore, but a lot less hardcore influenced.

Dude I appreciate the shit out of the in depth review! I'll listen to your tracks when I get off work.

Yes, poop.