Cool that you recorded the separate tracks along with it, although if I had to nitpick during the intro section without a stronger pulse they were a little off on timing (like just a hair, not bad its the spirit of rock and roll anyways!), but that fixed up as soon as the drums starting playing more. I really think you pulled off the Adrian Smith feel which is fitting that this is one of his written tunes. I'm going to get into doing some Maiden covers soon so its cool to check your vids out and it would be cool if you check mine out .here
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Thanks a lot for the detailed response man! Yeah even I agree, the intro timing was a little off. The volume is so low in the original that I messed starting at the perfect time I guess. Yeah its a lot of fun covering Maiden songs man. I already covered 5 of them recently. Will check out yours too.
great job man! It was reeeaally bassy but probably it's just my shitty speakers. Nice mix through headphones, though.
Unfortunately, the headphone jack for my laptop doesn't work, so I can't comment on the mix. But great playing! The intro sounded a little muddy (again, it could just be my shit laptop speakers). But everything else sounded pretty spot on. Excellent job on the solo. This is one of my favorite Maiden tunes, and you did it justice!

If you've got time, I'd love if you could check out my post: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1690429
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Thanks for the comments guys! Well the intro has about 6 guitars including 3 of mine (centered, left & right) along with the actual song guitars in the backing track. So possibly what led to it sounding kinda muddy. But yeah the solo is definitely one of the sweetest solos ever!