Bass was my first instrument, or at least the first one I took seriously, I don't play much anymore (drums are my main instrument these days) but when I do, it's usually post-punky stuff in the vein of Joy Division/New Order, The Cure, etc.

I know Hook's tone was a combination of things, the cheap Rick copy, the chorus pedal, and the need to play in higher registers, but later on he had a few six string basses. I can't tell if they are VI style or not, they look longer than that, but still with guitar string spacing

I know they are Shergold Marathons, but that's all I know.

And then there is Lesh's six strings, which definitely seem to be at least 32", but have that tight spacing.

What's the story is with these? Because i've always been intrigued by the idea of a six string bass that isn't a VI with tighter string spacing.
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The 6 string that Lesh is playing appears to be his Modulus. Its tuned like a regular sixer, I believe. Lesh has always preferred tight string spacing on his basses, his Ritter "Eye of Horus" bass has a similar spacing.
Lesh's is indeed a Modulus, a very early one at that, but it is essentially the forerunner of the Quantum series of basses. IIRC it's a perfectly normal 34"-35" scale length, just with ultra tight spacing as requested by Lesh.

Back when Modulus was young and lacked a "standard" range of models there were lots of one offs (or very short runs) made. Made-to-order was more the norm.
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Over the years Phil Lesh has used Alembic, Modulus and Ritter six strings. I've always appreciated that he supported high-end luthiers.

The one in your picture is a Modulus. I don't know if it is short scale or not though.
The Shergold Marathon 6ers were 30" scale with a consistent 5mm increase in neck width over the 4 string. When you consider that, for example, Warwick 4 and 6s are 38.5mm and 52mm at the nut respectively, 5mm isn't much of an increase, so will naturally be a much tighter string spacing.