Some improv'ed bluesy shred going straight into my AMT Stonehead (50W solid state head). No reverb or other effects..just my guitar plugged straight in. 2 rhythm tracks / 1 lead. Onboard drums from the looper. No Bass guitar.

Direct out to my AMT Chameleon Cab sim pedal -> a Nux Loop Core Loop pedal. (No pre/post production.)


All views welcome ..C4C ...garanteed!
Quote by aaron aardvark
Audio quality could be better. Electric bass would help. Drums could be a lot more elaborate. I recommend double tracking the rhythm guitar and panning one track to the left and the other to the right. Have the lead guitar panned in the center. Guitar playing is good. Please review my music at this link:


Thanks for the feedback man..yeah you're observations are right, bass would've been nice/better drums etc ..but I wanted to demo just the amp on it's own..ie...It's pure sound..no effects...mix wizardry ..nothing.

Regarding the production aspect, this just went out of my amp/speaker sim into my loop pedal, where it was recorded according to whatever built in recording algorithm it uses. so I had so control over any of the panning etc.

Thanks again for checking it out
Hey man. Nice playing on this one. It would be interesting to hear what it sounds like when mixed as the tones on their own are a nice starting point. I felt that the timing on the rhythm guitars was off in a few places. You clearly have decent technical abilities in your leads- there are some nice runs in there! Note selection could be better in places but unsurprising given how long you were improvising for! Overall nice job. As I say I would like to hear a polished version.

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Hey thanks for giving it a listen. Yeah, I hear you about the rhythm. It was my third take playing the rhythm/solo (this was a previous take/upload :


....but there was a bit of background hiss/noise on it) & I guess some sort of ADD set in lol.

Thanks for the kind words regarding the solo..I do a lot of improvised stuff & this was actually one of my (much) shorter jams lol..

Unfortunately, my mixing skills/recording equipment is terrible...so I mostly just stick to these barebones loop pedal jams...hopefully that'll change someday

Thanks again for the honest insight & for checking it out