Hey guys so I am putting together a jim root project. It's the fender body but it didnt come with really anything. I bought a hipshot bridge but it isn't a direct replacement. Fender doesnt sell the bridges in black that originally came with jim root tele's. so my question is will it harm the sound or anything by drilling holes for the new bridge? Thank you!
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in such a small way it's un-noticable. It comes down to weight of the bridge I always believed. If your guitar intonates, there is no rattling or anything undesirable like that it's fine. So safe to say no.

good choice with the hipshot bridge by the way. If Jim is still using the EMG 81/60 try out the TWX version of those pickups they are far more versatile. Or just the straight up X series. They updated the preamp so less compression and more articulation if I remember right is the big pull factor.
I'm actually putting a bkp aftermath and sd sentient in it. thanks for the recommendation though!