So I've had a Fender DG-8S for over ten years now. First guitar I ever got. I recently changed the strings since I wasn't really serious about guitar when I was younger. It's had the same strings on it for over 10 years, cleaned the fretboard and put new strings on it.

However brand new, out of the box this guitar has always had this problem. On the 13th fret when I fret the note the string comes into contact with the 14th fret and makes a buzzing sound/same tone as the 14th fret. I literally just tightened the truss rod figured the neck has too much bow. Though I'm afraid to keep turing the truss rod in fear of damaging it and the issue is not resolved. Should I take it into a tech?
some guitars are prone to getting a "hump" near or right over the body joint. sight down the neck and look for it near where the neck meets the body. adjusting the truss rod won't help you here and will just bring the strings closer to the problem fret as you flatten out the neck.

setting the action a bit higher via shimming the saddle slightly might get you by for now, but overall play-ability will deteriorate.

or it could be as simple as a popped fret.

so unless you are capable of diagnosing and dealing with these issues, i suggest a repair person.
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