So I have this friend, who's pretty much been my best friend since we were in 8th grade. And though I've always felt like more of an option to her where she was a priority to me, I've always just kinda been okay with it because she's more outgoing. Whenever I see her, she tells me to text her more. But when I do text her, she barely replies. And she NEVER texts me first. And lately, she won't invite me to any of our group of friend's get together's. She only invites my sister. My sister always says this friend asks about me. But this friend won't just talk to me, and it feels like I'm just not important enough for her to actually talk to me directly. I kind of want to confront her about it, but she's my only irl friend. I don't wanna lose her as a friend, when I could just be overreacting.
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Talk to her in person and tell her what you told us. You don't have to be aggressive about it, just ask her casually and get some answers.
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Just have a chat with her and say how she's treating you makes you feel bad but don't be aggressive or accusatory about it. Perfectly possible she isn't aware you're feeling like this and will make the change. Actions always have the potential to be misconstrued

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Tell her she's a selfish bitch and only sexual favours can rectify the situation
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Give up on friends. The only sane way to live your life is to be independent of anyone.
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