If they just kept the quality and direction of their first EP. Instead we got some okay sounding albums with only a few good tunes on each. I wish they would have made the EP at least a full album. Thoughts?
Exactly! I never quite got into Queensyche, however the first EP is a heavy metal classic. Warning was nowhere near as good.
Totally agree. I bought that EP when it was released.

But man that was released in 1983. 32 years ago.

Just let it go.....
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The band was never the same when Chris D'garmo left. Michael and Chris had an amazing chemistry together. I loved everything thru empire, after that the energy started to go down hill. Mindcrime is one of the best albums of all time, Empire had a load of great stuff on it, but after that they changed and their songwriting suffered. Then Chris left and I've not heard anything great since, although I did hear a song off of Human Condition that was pretty good, I may give that record a try. I just really miss the interplay of Michael and Chris, there was magic there.
They are one of my favorite bands based on their albums up to Promised Land. The albums after that have 1 or 2 good songs each if that. I still listen to them with Todd on Vocals and although it's better than the crap Tate was doing, It's nowhere near the level they were at before.