Hey! I currently live in a flat and I don't play in a band. I have an Laney Ironheart stack which sounds amazing but is too loud for me. I have a sound card and play through Guitar Rig and find it much more pleasing and gives me a bigger variety of sounds.

I am thinking of selling my amp to upgrade my guitar - is this a smart choice and what are your views on playing through a USB sound card?
You shouldn't sell your amp. Wait for a band and play with the usb meanwhile.
Sell the amp. You can always buy another one later. No reason to store it in your home if it is not being used and is not a collectors item. Amps are meant to be gigged.
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A stack is overkill for someone living in an apartment (flat) who doesn't play out. Although I'm nobody to talk, I keep a Marshall half stack in my basement just for goofing around in my free time, lol. It sounds awesome and looks great but at this point it's just a giant, heavy toy.

For me there's no substitute for a real tube amp unless you start investing some serious bucks into something like an Axe FX setup. If it were me I would sell the stack and buy a cheaper tube amp, then use whatever cash was leftover to upgrade my guitar. I play at church so I need at least some kind of amp around for that (currently a Vox AC15). But if you really don't care about having an actual amp then sure, sell it and get a nicer guitar. Your neighbors might appreciate that decision too You can always start saving up again if you think you might need another amp in the future.
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If that works for you then it works for you. Likewise, if you no longer use the amp, then selling it to fund a guitar upgrade is a good idea in my books, and as Cajundaddy said, you can always buy another one later; you may even find your tastes change.
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