I've been thinking about modding my SG for a long fucking time and I wanna hear your ideas! I was thinking about buying another guitar and mod that one into a superstrat but I might build a superSG or something. I play lots of old metal (ratt, VH, riot, krokus etc) but also a lot of blues and hardrock. So my own ideas were for now...

SuperSG (superstrat SG):
- High output bridge humbucker, I really like the Duncan JB and the Dimarzio SD.
- Remove the microphonic neck pup
- remove all the electronics exept for a volume knob and a kill switch
- move the input to the side of the guitar
- refinish (or partly)
- floyd rose X (top mount) maybe?
- cosmetics

- bright minihum with quiet some attack in the neck
- alnico 2 bridge humbucker
- new electronics
- cosmetics

Any cool ideas? pleas reply thanks!
Shoot, all I would do is change the pickups. You might just want to get a super strat and mod it
All I can say is what I did with my Epi G-400.

A) most recently, I replaced the pickups with Seymour Duncan Black Winters. That pickup was meant to be a brutal black metal pickup and it's good at that. What's surprising is how sweet it does clean and crunch sounds, awesome for jazz and blues. Also good for classic rock.

B) My oldest mod that I always do when modding a guitar is a bypass switch, a 2-way mini switch that bypasses volume and tone. Gets rid of any signal loss over the pots, allows me to quickly switch between a fixed low vol/tone setting and full-on attack, and can be used as a kill switch with volume turned down to 0.

C) added coil splitting. Turns out I hardly use this. But that's personal preference I think, it seems I always prefer HB sound over SC sound.

D) added a series mini-switch. The standard middle position is parallel, but I can also put both of them in series. Pretty overkill to put four coils in series (to a total of some 33 kOhm in this case), but it gives me some really sweet, nice, fat PAF-style crunch sound on the clean channel.

edit: I used to be someone who almost never uses the neck pup, because I want my treble and upper mid all the time. But the Black Winter neck is marvellous, because it's still bright. I use neck and middle position a lot now.

edit 2: I even started using the tone knob, because the BWs are more than bright enough.
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All I have done is change the Bridge pickup to a JB, the neck is fine for as much as I use it. It is a solid guitar I would not hesitate to gig all the time
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