Is this proper:

Amp Mic'd, recording guitar through audio interface
Backing track imported; playing through studio monitors

My question is, the amp that's mic'd is in the same room as the monitors. Isn't it going to pick up the backing track so there's going to be the backing track playing, plus the mic picking up the backing track?

I'd like to record some video's otherwise I would just put on headphones and play the backing track through those to avoid the noise into the mic...
Depends also how loud is the source you're recording. The louder, the less the mic will hear other things around it. Sometimes bleed is not a bad thing as it might give sense of it being recorded in the same place...unless you do many edits, then it could cause some time issues but again depends on how much bleed.
Thanks, makes sense. Stupid question, but didn't think about it much.

Guess i can keep the source low and then just adjust it in the mix.

Appreciate it -
I mean keep the source (whatever you're recording) loud, keep the feedback lower. If you isolate the amp in a corner and stick a mic in front of it and blast it, it most likely wouldn't pick up much from your backing track which is playing in the room unless we have stops and pauses on the part you're recording, but that could be edited with fades.