Original Song all written and preformed by Me. It's a Demo/Alpha version of a track for my current group. Some sections are intentionally long for future tweaking.

Drums are Midi, I used EzDrummer 2 for the tone/sound/samples.

Song in either link down in my Sig below.


Alternate version with a lot of parts are halved since it doesn't change the flow of the song, named P-1 short.
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I dig it, would like to hear it all worked out and with vocals if that's where it's headed. I like the ambient/prog sorta vibes I'm getting from it too.
yeah its headed that way, we just got a vocalist. changes will be made and we'll see! thanks for checking it out!
yeah vocals are in the works! my group is very young! I appreciate the compliment on the mixing, although I think I can still do better.