I got a Ibanez RG450 in while I was stationed in Japan from a Japanese store and I’m looking for a tremolo bar that will fit the Japanese model. I’m no longer in Japan and the one I order from an American company is American threads. I am assuming that because I purchased the guitar in japan that it is metric. Would you be able to point we in the correct direction?

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Most Asian-spec guitars use the same size and threading and Guitar Fetish sells a generic Asian arm.
^ no that's not the right arm. ibanez rules probably has something which will fit.
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Depending on what year it was made, it'd have the edge, lo-trs or ILT1 (renamed lo-trs??). If it's a screw in, it would be the latter. I'd send Rich @ ibanezrules an email to find out which bar you need and order from him.
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