I haven't been on UG in so fucking long... I remember writing tabs here when I was a lil 13-year old. Well shit got weird for me and I'm finally back to songwriting literally 10 years later. I want to record these full band, but til I can, some acoustic demos (lyrics are in the YT descriptions):



Criticism is awesome. Love you all. Stoked to hear some of your shiz!
I love this kind of folk punk music stuff, it was kind of a window in to your everyday life, takes me back to a time when id be in the car cruising with my buddy listening to some blink182 lol. Anyway I think the recording quality is good, it'd be nice if the guitar had a brighter fuller tone otherwise nice playing. Your vocals I think are spot on for this genre of music very good and easy to listen to .

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Hey there,

NJCL is an enjoyable listen. This track reminded me of the album "This is How The Wind Shifts" by Silverstein. Kudos for playing and singing at the same time. I felt the guitar tone wasn't very full-bodied; it sounded a bit thin. There are some nice vocal harmonies here.

Wilmington, DE 2013 engages the listener right from the get-go. You have a knack for storytelling in your songwriting. The lyrics are very nostalgic. This reminds me of old friendships I used to have and how much has changed since then.

Also, cheers to another REAPER user!

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Really like these! would love to hear them with a full band arrangement but even acoustically, they're really enjoyable to listen too!