Another track from me, I been working on tapping my arpeggios for a little bit now so it at least sounds coherent. So on the way to work this morning I had a idea let me try to use them in a recording and slide around on my guitar and try to sound like a shitty sitar player .

enjoy https://soundcloud.com/omniusanity/bengal-tiger-attack

leave your thread below and I will return the favor .
Wow! This track really threw me off. It began with what resembled a reggae groove. 1:10 really caught me off guard, it grabbed me the ears. That arpeggiated section kind of reminded me of a game I used to play when I was younger called Unreal Tournament on the map "Facing Worlds." The phrasing during the last thirty seconds sounded very uniquely eastern. Very cool track with a nice balance of variation and technicality.

Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for your feedback on my recording, Fourfourforever. I really like your style. The track you linked made me listen to a few of your other works and I have to say they didn't disappoint me. I wish I had time to check out all of them. Maybe I will, eventually.
hey man thanks for the crit! I enjoyed this peice of music i can defiantly hear the indian souning influences in here, they sound great. The drums a great too nice and heavy with a basic beat that works well for this track. are you ever going to put vocals on this? I can imagine that would sound pretty good like some indian chanting or somthing in places
Hey, I like your lead tone a lot, it's EQ'd really well. I've found that if you add just a bit of reverb, it can make the leads sound twice as good, but good job anyway! At times, it was a bit hard to hear the other guitars under the lead, but I'm guessing that was intentional. I think a little variation in the drum rhythms would help move the song, but they still sounded good, everything was clear. Cool song man, keep it up