Hows it going everyone, first post, looking to get some help.

I bought an AC 30C2 around 3 months ago, and recently its been buzzing and crackling.

I took off the back plate, tested it with the pencil eraser, and it looks like one of the tubes are glowing a bit blue and producing intense heat. Im not keen on which tubes to replace or which to replace them with seeing as some of the other tubes crackle a bit, or maybe im just confused.

Honestly im unsure, looking for some advice. I would return it to the dealer but i purchased online and would really prefer not having to pack it up and pay for shipping and just replace the tubes.

Here are some videos. Also sorry about portrait mode, heh.


I'd get new tubes.
Full set for an AC30 is about $100

Two places I have bought tubes from (I prefer the first one):

AC30's tend to run a little hotter temperature wise than most amps.
A good little maintenance you can do is get some Deoxit.
Or other contact cleaner made for electronics. NOT WD-40. NEVER. EVER.
Power off, unplug the power cord before doing the following:
Pull out one tube at a time.
Spray the pins on the tubes with the deoxit.
Insert the tubes in the sockets and pull them back out. Repeat 3 or 4 times.
Do that for all tubes.
Deoxit dries pretty fast, but being the paranoid bastard that I am, I wait at least 15 minutes before powering up after doing that.