when i was in middle-school (12 years old) i went trick or treating with a few pals in my neighborhood.

we came to a house and the end of the street with a full bowl of candy on the porch.

my douchebag friend dumped the whole thing in his pillow case and threw the plastic bowl on top of the house

smh tho

don't leave your candy outside in a bowl, guys...

oh, and the age cut-off for trick or treating is 13 years old


because after that you get strange stares, especially if you have facial hair, like a goatee/mustache like i did. (wear a mask?)

but still
I remember going with my best friend who was 6 foot 1 inch @ age 13.

we went to a house, and this short manlet opens the door and bert stares us

he said "didn't i go to college with y'all"

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dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
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you are a bad smell

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Ah, holiday reminiscence eh? Hey, do you rememeber those lame vinyl costumes?
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how do you ban people from posting in your threads?

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You don't

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This is straya, we only use Halloween as an excuse to get drunk

Not that we need an excuse
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This is straya, we only use Halloween as an excuse to get drunk

Not that we need an excuse

being strayan is enough of an excuse in itself
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I live in a town with a chef school. Last year six adults in their chef costumes came to our door.
I left a bowl filled with jelly beans left over from Easter on my front porch because I couldn't be bothered having those little shitheads beating on my door all night.

They still took them all for some reason.
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