Hi all. Just signed up. Been reading through at some great people here. I just wanted a bit of advice really.

I'll soon be buying a new guitar and I cant decide what to get. I learnt on a squire telecaster which I adored. I know its just a cheap guitar, but I loved it. I had to sell it due to finacial issues at the time. I actually got a good bit of money which I was surprised at. Anyway, im looking into getting myself a new one due to having a new job and money in the bank.

My music tatse is all over really. My favorite being The Who. My style really is influenced by The Beatles, The Jam, Small Faces, Hendrix, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Trex, Janice Joplin then up to Acdc, Black Sabbath. Basically, anything lol, but mainly classic rock.

Anyway, I was looking at an epiphone casino but Ive heard that their no good for heavier styles eg acdc. Could anybody recommend something thats a good all rounder for my music taste. I know that a stupid question as all guitars are different. Sorry. But any advice for my tatse in music would be great. Budgest wise, im looking at anything up too £500.

Thanks guys .
I'd get a mexican made Fender tele.You said you liked the Squier one so the Fender should be even nicer and it's a shape your used to.If you decide to go with something else i recommend trying it out before buying, i've made the mistake of buying something online and having a problem with an uncomfortable shape and stuff like that.
Sounds like maybe even an SG (probably an Epiphone G-400) would be good to look at, or a Les Paul. If you really prefer the Fender feel, you can't go wrong with a higher end Squier telecaster like the Classic Vibe or Vintage Modified series models.
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