I bought a new guitar and it inspired me to do some writing. Some riffs and stuff in this isn't actually new, but I'm not sure I've shown you guys any of the riffs before.

The file is a bit of a mess at the moment, planning on clearing that up, still add some stuff and then hopefully record it all.

Hope you enjoy and hope for some feedback

Maybe you can guess what the song and lyrics are based upon. It's hardly that original
Canto I.zip
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I'm not in to progressive music, so this might not be the best review to give. There was some nice riffs and melodies, but I think there was "too much going on". Twelve minutes of different themes is a bit too much imho. I have this feeling that the song isn't properly bound together. :P
Reworked the GP5 a bit and added backing vocals. I've set up Cubase and got the tempo-track and signature track all done. Tough and took a while. Now to the even harder part, which is recording.

Oh, and thanks for the feedback. I can see where you're coming from, not being that much into progressive metal. Not saying it's perfect from a prog-perspective either, but I'd be happy to hear from someone who's into prog
Canto I Reworked.zip
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Oh awesome, this sounds like it's gonna be interesting. Right away on the intro it's got some neato chord choices, with clear movement, especially in those two chromatically descending chords. After the augmented triad it does sound like it wants to keep going down, so I hope that gets explored at some point. The bells building up on top to serve as a melody are cool, and grant the feeling of motion to the song.

I think D (and the first verse), for being the first heavy riff after a grandiose intro like that, is little bit thin sounding. The riff itself is fine, quite DT-esque, but I would add some padding from keyboard or something like that to give it a bit of beef. Just my personal inclination, and my inclination is towards the overly bombastic

E is a pretty sick choice of forward momentum. The vast, mysterious arpeggios call to mind something Grant Kirkhope (composer for Banjo Kazooie, if you know that series) might write. Also, don't think the restatement of the chords from the intro go unnoticed here. I did indeed catch that, and it's a great idea to place that here. Really neat vocal melody at verse II, too.

Definite neoclassical vibe going on here at G. Would you happen to be a keyboardist/classically trained in any way? The way this is written really screams that to me, for some reason. Something about the way the instruments are spaced so widely apart in the orchestration and the classically-inspired chord progressions and voice leading, I guess. But I digress.

I think my main issue with this so far is that it's a bit sparse in terms of ideas introduced. There aren't quite enough variations in the restatement of each theme, even though they are well-placed. Perhaps consider making more varied textures, adding additional layers with each restatement? Just a thought.

The syncopated melody at 279 is pretty nifty. Reminds me of Pain of Salvation. I like how the ride bell is syncopated with it as well. Cool development follows.

The unison section I think could use a bit of work. The straight 16th notes are a tad dull after a few measures, I'm afraid, and just straight scale runs are frankly quite boring in most any situation. I'd recommend to vary up the rhythm of the section and perhaps add some layers of harmony as it develops.

All in all, this is quite a solid effort but it feels unfinished. Since you said you're still working on it, it may very well be. This is a solid skeleton for a song and is quite well-written but the sections themselves could use additional hashing out in the "horizontal" sense.

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