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i recently bought a soprano ukulele for like $20 (2 days ago), it sounds surprisingly very good. but. i have this one song that there's a tab for and you're supposed to tune it down to E, but when i do it the strings are too lose for plucking (and also it's too high for me to sing along), but when i tune it 2 halfsteps up and put capo on 3rd it's just the right intonation but i can't pluck when there's a capo blocking my way.

so, i am tempted to tune it up 5 halfsteps (to C) but i'm afraid the strings might break especially the A. Did anybody do it? Will they break? help
they won't break if you put fresh strings on and tune it all the way up


idk, my ukuleles stay in standard
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Maybe you can just use different chord shapes?
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@ibanezguitarist44 it's a tab so i can't use different chords since i want the exact same sound as in the original song.

I'll wait a bit more if someone else answers and then i'll see if i'll tune them up.
update: i tuned it 4 halfsteps up, i'm not brave enough for 5. but the good thing is none of the strings broke. yay.

i might do some experimenting when i buy spare strings. thanks anyways.