Some of you might recognize a lot of the melody going on here from this thing:


but I've been looking to rewrite it and finally had the inspiration to do so. Hopefully sounds good. If you use GP5, I recommend upping all the reverbs on the tracks except the dist guitars, bass and drums.

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really loving this man :O! and your tuning for this is so far out! i've never really learned how people decide to tune down to write a song. is it easy to learn where notes are on the guitar and seeing which ones to move closer together?
Its pretty easy for me, but I've been using a 7 string for a good few years and this 6 string modification is more of a 'comfort' feeling.

In this case, its pretty easy to learn the notes cuz its basically just two low G strings. Not entirely sure what you mean by the second part of that sentence though.

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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american
I like the syncopated parts. It's got a good beat to it.

Clean guitar was a bit too loud imo but that may just be a result of tux->gp5 conversion.

Hi-hat during the bit at 27 was too abrasive. It sucks that there's so few percussion to work with, but I would change the splash to a crash (mp-mf dynamic) and then switch the hi-hats to splashes. At the very least I would soften the dynamic of the hi-hats you have.

Contrarily, bar 51-54 feels a bit barren after all of the layers and I feel like the percussion should be a bit more active to really emphasize the drop that follows. Not in the George Kollias going nuts way, but some crescendo-core shit. Have that peak in intensity during the transition bar.

The section at 56 is pure sex and I really wish you would've done more with it. I still think the drums are holding back the potential of this section, though.

64-71 just seems like prog bloat to me. The riff worked back at bar 51, but I don't feel like it adds anything here. It disrupts the vibe and I feel it would work better to just transition from 63 to 73 (or 72).

Speaking of 73, I think an ambient lead with a really noisy guitar tone (like this ) would really work well as a climax if you made the drums a bit more energetic.

My suggestions may be pushing the song in a different direction than intended, but I really like this so I thought I'd give some ideas.
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