Has anyone owned an AXL guitar? Yesterday PGS had an article on 5 stage-ready guitars for under $550 and the AXL Torino was included. To be honest, I like the Bel Air better - coil tapped Filter Tron bridge pickup, Bigsby term, cool colors and very affordable. Problem - next to no reviews on line and few quality YouTube videos. Anything that y'all can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I have had an AXL it was the strat copy. I bought it for a first guitar a month ago because I didn't want to put a lot of money into a guitar in case I didn't stick with playing. It was part of a package that included the guitar, an Orange Crush 12 amp, gig bag, 1 lesson, strap and picks for $250. The finish on the guitar was very nice, and it sounded "ok" to me( again I'm brand new to playing), but the action was too high and I didn't like that.. I also really wanted an SG, so after 2 weeks I traded it in on an Epiphone SG G400 Pro and LOVE this guitar. It is night and day difference from the axl. Looking back I wish I would've never wasted the money on the AXL strat. I'm not familiar with the model your looking at but I would recommend going with a more well known brand.