First off, hello people in the ultimate-guitar world!

Been meaning to make an account on here for sometime and I've finally gotten around to it (obviously).

Now, I'd like to put this thread in the appropriate forum but when I went to, I was informed I am only allowed in this forum and one other until I am an active user.

So, is there anybody here that has/has had an Agile Hawker ELITE?

The Agile Hawker 624 and the (other) PRS copy Agile had years back (the PS, if I'm not mistaken) are no longer available, and I have yet to find a demo of the Agile Hawker Elite. I would've loved one of the other Agile guitars I mentioned but that's no longer an option so I wanted to know what the Elite sounds like in comparison to the others individually.

I know I could swap out the Pickups for the EMGs the 624 had, or with the Pickups on the first PRS copy but as I'm on a budget, that's not an option. I'd like to know how the Elite sounds stock.

It'd be awesome if any of you had a Demo you recorded I can listen to or you could link one on the web.

If you don't have a Elite or never heard it in action, is there any PRS-like guitar under 400$ you could recommend?

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