For a while, i've been planning to make a jazz duet (guitar + vocals) playing mainly standards (So original, i know)

But coming from the common trio/quartet format where you can easily play the theme once, then everyone plays a solo, then you finish with the theme again and you have at least 5 minutes of fun, i have no idea what to do with just one guitar and a singer and make a full 45 minutes (at least) set, specially when the singer can't actually improvise or do some sort of comping. I'm pretty much alone with a girl singing some lyrics

But then i found this...


So... does anyone know anything similar to that?

I REALLY need some inspiration.
so you wanted to do this idea you have no vision on how to execute is what you're saying
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It's easier to play with a drummer and a piano or bass player "watching your back", for me this is a whole new scenario

I'm just looking for similar examples to "steal" from.
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