I've spent some time diverting people from the Original Recordings sub here because they're blatantly advertising, this is the first time I'll get to do the opposite.

So, you know, we have a subforum here called "original recordings", located under the recordings forum. It's completely okay to post your song there if you're looking for criticism, and you'll get a ton more replies there.

As for the song, the production quality is complete shit, but I guess you weren't going for a professional recording yet anyway? And I kind of dig the potato quality, gives it an authentic hardcore flavor.

What I like about this song is that it doesn't sound like all of the modern melodic hardcore and post-hardcore, I think your song has some real attitude behind it. The short length, the cellar studio quality and the vocal style all contribute to this. The song is really simple, but that's only a bad thing if you wanted to make a complex song. I could imagine putting this on sometimes when I want to listen to something short and aggressive.

I think your vocalist could use some practice though, even though you're a punk band doesn't mean the vocalist shouldn't sound good. I enjoyed the style, but there's some polishing to be done certainly.
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