Hello all! Im 40, since i was 16 started playing metal. Learned and still remember most of older metallica, slayer, megadeth, overkill, joe satriani, king diamond stuff.
My old marshall valvestate 100VR buzzes when plugged in, alreadyreplaced the tubes same thing,andits not really a tube amp. I had many rack effects, still do iused too play through it.
Past months, been reading onpeavey vypyr amps! Because they have a master volume!!!!
Ihave tried a few roland cubes, and the peavey is better too my ears. However...i live in a room, in a house,with 2 other roomates. so..looking at the 30 and 75, my budget, which would be best? Would the 75 even with the master volume down, still shakethe walla n disturb them? Or not?
Looking on youtube...my ears liked the 30 watt the best. seems moreideal and versatile, but the 75, would have more body too it.i dotn have a band, just your average everyday metal player, shredder.crankthe volume too 6 or 7 but use the master too keep it under control, so thiers no complaints
A 75 watt Peavey amp is loud enough to play a small club show (and be heard down the block). Definitely overkill for playing in your room. Buy the 30 watt and save your money.
Even if themasterwas on like 2? and thevolume on like 7 or 8/? the master is supposed too allow a full bodied sound but at tolerable levels..
You're talking about the Peavey Vypyr series correct? If so get one with a 12" speaker.

Yes the master volume will let you play at low volumes. Turn the post down to get more control over the master.

The world of digital tone has come a long way. Amp simulations on your computer can have fantastic quality with a good set of monitor headphones or bookshelf speakers. Check out Peavey ReValver with an inexpensive guitar to USB interface. IMO this is the best way to get great tone without disturbing anyone.

If the computer route doesn't work for you I suggest a used Line6 POD HD500 paired with monitor headphones or bookshelf speakers again.

For more of an amp form facter and volume the Peavey Vypyr is a good choice for a metal modeler amp.
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I have a Vypyr 30 head which I run through a 1 X 12 cab and sometimes my 4 X 12 cab.

With both cabs it can get more than loud enough for a bedroom player; would have no problem doing a small gig with it. However, at real gig volumes, for metal at least, the low-end just doesn't keep up with the mids and treble. (After a certain point on the volume knob, you're only increasing the mids and treble, and it starts to sound like crap). This is certainly way beyond bedroom levels though. I suspect this is largely because it is only a 30 watt amp, and it takes a lot of power to produce low-end at high volumes. That said -- for your purposes it will undoubtedly have enough volume and "oomph."

Honestly, the whole "master" volume/"post" volume difference doesn't have much, if any, effect on tone. It is a modeling amp, after all. Turning the post gain up and master down really only affects the volume, pretty much the same as turning the post gain down and master UP. It is not a tube amp.

If it was me, I'd go for a Vypyr Tube 60. I haven't ever played one, but I'd suspect it provides a better tone, having a tube power section, and the wattage to reproduce heavy low-end at higher volumes if you ever need it. None of that means you can't run it at apartment-friendly volumes though.

For perhaps the 1000th time it has been said this week, higher wattage does not mean an amp can't sound good at low volumes.
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I once heard a blues guitarist play through a Peavey classic. Not sure which model but it was a single speaker combo. It was one of the best live guitar tones I've ever heard.

30 tube watts will be plenty loud for your use. You can always add a pedal in front of the amp to get more aggressive "metal" tones if the amp cannot provide it.