I am having, I am experiencing rather, it's not me that's doing it. I am experiencing a very slight aura. it is a feeling, a slight sensation on the left arm and leg. Like a light very light wind or heaviness. It is epilepsy and will probably go away if it don't I can deal with it, even if it goes to partial seizures which could end up with a grand mal, or tonic clonic if your hip to the most mod. in with the in crowd terminology like my pal slapsy .

Why doesn't it surprise me that a mom purchased her and her daughter counterfeit tickets on craigslist for a Taylor Swift show. When I say show I mean show. It is not a concert. It's a little teenage model hopping around. You know what it is as well as I do why my telling you?

It's still going on. It seems to be centered on my left knee, the sensation.

It might as well been the Fourth of July this afternoon, the weather. What's difference between 88 and 91 with a 70 some percent relative humidity. I'll tell you 3°. At least it cools down at night a little better.

My speakers still sound like ship I don't know what happened . The bass frequencies increased tenfold and the satellite speakers are still functioning properly. I couldn't figure it out so I disconnected my high quality computer speakers and hooked up my television sound bar to my computer and it sounds just fine.

The Aurora,no aura continues Aurora is a town in Illinois like a satellite of Chicago. I believe. The state of Wisconsin is known for its fine cheeses. I guess Vermont is also.

I think the state of Iowa produces the most corn. Its capital is located pretty close to the exact center of the state and my speech recognition won't recognize it when I say: Des Moines it worked! How about that ! Good old speech recognition the only way to go.

Well, it's been nice chatting with you guys I hope you all have a very pleasant evening tomorrow.

It continues it's a constant companion you just don't know when it's going to pop up the Wolf was always at the door,... is always at the door .if you had brain surgery maybe then it would be the Wolf was,.. as it is he is and always will be because I'm not going to have my brain chopped up, thank you very much.
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I don't know what much of this is but I recognise 'fine cheese'

Wisconsin here I come
A poem.
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no girl, movember isnt for you. shave your stache pls

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This aura seems to be going on a while, and I never knew Aurora was a town there.

I guess the whole ticket situation is done from love. No matter how terrible it is. The mom wants daughter happy.

If that's true about Iowa then I just have to see those fields.

Been having trouble with my speakers as well and should buy new ones soon.
Old one recently broke so thanks for reminding.

And I hope you have pleasant evening too.
On the upside my wife got over her spell and apologize to me for being mean. 76 times now ballpark.
Yes, I am an insane idiot. For every 1000 normal brain cells there are few nasty ones. No not dangerous I have never ever ever never hurt anybody in any way physically. I probably heard a few people's feelings. I probably said some mean things to some people that hurt their feelings. But basically, fundamentally speaking in the most basic sense I am an insane idiot. An idiot who is you guessed it, insane yes I freely admit it.

A lot of people are a hell of a lot crazier than I am and bad ways also. I have to say also because when I say to my speech recognition always uses 1, 0/

Ever hear of a guy named HH Holmes Dr. HH Holmes? That Fokker was crazy subhuman monster. In 1893 he bought an entire square city block in Chicago so he had a nice place to murder people. It had lots of mazes and tunnels and rooms. He hired a new construction crew every week so that nobody would know the layout except him.

He got the money to pay for all this by digging up graves cleaning up the skeletons and selling them to medical schools. There when the world's fair came to town he went to town. This is the very basic brief fundamental short Reader's Digest version of the story.

Now I just feel tired .
That true about people being crazy. sadly Pure Evil do exist in world.

HH Holmes, terrible person. Read about him one time. Clever how he set up everything and make personal playground. but in end he pay the price.

Jeffrey Dahmer even crazier.

Eat people flesh.
I'm just here for the replies. I can't read 3 words that yope writes without severely tuning out.
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I came in here to post that

dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

I like his 'stream of consciousness' threads, and knowing that he uses a speech to text program helps it make slightly more sense...
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