I have done some research on Gibson Firebirds, and decided I love the sound. Anyway, I went to a music store and tried one out, but it was the 2015 model (with the extra wide neck). I didn't mind the guitar in general, but the neck just made things feel too awkward to me. I'm just wondering what the other years of Firebirds feel like. What sort of neck would it feel comparable to? (The guitars I've gotten used to are my '00 PRS Custom 22, '11 American Standard Strat, '03 Ibanez RG Series). I'm curious whereabouts it would fall in thickness, roundedness, etc. Please let me know, cause I'm definitely considering one if it feels a lot better than the 2015 model.
The 2015 ones are of course an unusual case. Chances are very good that any firebird other than 2015 will have a neck that isn't so wide.
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I know that, I was just meaning more along the lines of "What necks would you compare the non-2015 firebird slim-taper neck to aside from other Gibson necks (as I'm not familiar with Gibson)?". It was really late when I typed the question last time.