So I'm the happy owner of a Schecter Synyster Gates Custom (white with gold pinstripe) It sounds, looks and stays in tune perfectly. However, I have an issue. I live in a place with high humidity and constant rain during these months of the year and part of the gold hardware (to be exact, part of the whammy bar) has tarnished silver. The guitar was made in 2011, I'm 100% sure it's not a fake (I bought it from a Schecter dealer and I've verified the serial number) but it's really disappointing because I just got it 2 weeks ago, why would it tarnish so incredibly fast, even with the humidity? Any advice on how to get it gold again and/or prevent more of the golden hardware to tarnish is appreciated. Thanks.
Try some metal buffing compound, worked into leather. I make knives, and this is the final step in getting a semi-mirror polish. It should clean up nicely!