Hey guys. Not really a denizen of these parts, but I had to share my new acquisition.

Primarily a bassist, as you may have guessed. I have some wonderful basses, but have been messing around on this godawful Westfield B200 nato laminate rubbish for 7 years.

Decided that needed to change. So bought this:

A Taylor box. Says 114e on the side. Pretty sure that's not what I ordered...

Now we're getting somewhere.

A Martin badge! That's more better.

It's a Martin DCPA4 Rosewood. Features a solid Sitka spruce top, solid East Indian rosewood back and sides, and from what I gather as it has headstock wings, a mahogany neck (the good ol' select hardwood thingy). Fishman F1 Analog electronics, which features an onboard tuner, phase control and a mid scooping tone control. Really simple layout, with two dials and a window for the tuner, no huge plastic panel.

It's really well fitted and finished, with a glossy top and satin back, sides, neck and headstock facing. The neck profile is lovely, has a little bit of meat to it, but is easy enough to fly around the upper end, especially with the cutaway.

I'll get around to posting sound clips once I've played around with the Fishman a bit more.
Looks lovely HNGD
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I had a DCPA-5 before buying my current D-28 and the action and neck profile were very nice. Play it in good health.
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