Do you guys know what brand is this?

It is a PRS clone

(Invalid img)
Thats not a logo I have personally seen on any clone. Really though, with how poorly done it is (look at all the gouging in the wood around the inlay) I wouldnt be surprised if the owner mucked it up himself.

Either way, if thats any sign about the rest of the guitar I would avoid it. Do you have pictures of the rest of the guitar?
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That's the body: (Invalid img)

I got it for almost nothing from a guy that claimed he bought it for 400 euros years ago.

But there is something funny with this guitar:
- it's not well finished.
- it doesn't sound that great when plugged (although all my other guitars have active pickups, so it's hard to compare).
- the slot for the nut is larger than the nut and you see exposed wood
- the jack connector is constantly getting loose
- etc


it plays amazingly well and that's why I got it; it's the cheapest guitar I have and yet, when I just grab one of the guitars to sit on the couch while watching TV, I always take this one; I have a friend with a real PRS (the model this one copied) and he likes that guitar a lot, so I don't know if it's the wood finish that gives it a nice feel, or the dimensions and curve of the neck, but somehow, it's a crappy guitar that feels amazingly good in the hand and much better than some a lot more expensive.
And it doesn't seem to really have a brand either

By the looks I'm guessing Chinese (or possibly somewhere in Europe) knockoff, and not one of the better ones. Still, if it plays well then I suppose that's what matters.
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that looks like a Chinese fake like the ones sold a DH Gate and other Chinese sites.
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