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Hey guys,
Since the Fightstar album review was on the front page a few days ago, it's been one of those albums I just can't stop listening to with my favourite tracks being 'Behind The Devil's back' and 'Sink With The Snakes'. I just have to pick a guitar up whenever I hear either of those tracks!
Here's my cover of the first part of this track (drum midi from the great GP file by

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Here's a long break down of how it was did.

I was learning to play this one and decided to try to replicate the guitar tone used in the recording with the gear I have. Obviously my best bet would be my HD500, but because it's past midnight and I couldn't be bothered to start cabling, I decided to go all digital and use a combination of EZMix and PODFarm.

The guitars are dual and quad tracked.

The main 100% L&R tracks are PODFarm 2 with a modified version of my Soldano based rig that I use for pretty much everything. Basically, a compressor, a TS (drive off, others at noon), a gate, then the SLO (V30 cab with 57 off axis).
There are two tracks of that hard panned left and right throughout the whole track.

During the chorus (and a little before and after) there's some EZMix. Just the Bulb 5150 model with the drive turned down a touch.
There are two tracks of that panned 75% L&R.

The guitar bus has a fairly severe sculpting EQ to take some of the digital-ness out and put some anger in. It looks a bit like this:
I used a Schecter Omen Extreme 7 with D'Addario 10-52 strings with a low .66

For the bass, I run my Sansamp RBI into my custom tight bass drive patch where I have a pair of SVTs (one driven, one clean), then a load of EQ before and after the driven amp.
I used a SBMM SUB Ray5 with Elixir 45-135 stainless steel strings.

For the drums, it's just EZDrummer 2 running the 'Metal!' EZX. Upon listening the the actual track again, Made of Metal might have suited it better, but Metal! does a fairly good job anyway.
There's separate compression and EQ on the kick, snare, hat, tom and OH buses and the full drum bus has compression and EQ.

Hope you found some of that vaguely informative!
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