So, I'm from India and I was looking up some videos of guitar vs. Sitar. There was a video where a guy shows how a guitar can drone like a sitar. So he used this tuning :

B(Bass) F# B F# b(high) e(high)?

Which is it? Is it not so common?
That's a fairly uncommon tuning but not unlike some I've seen before. To get to this from standard guitar tuning (EADgbe) you'll need to:
Drop your low E down 5 semitones
Drop your A down 3 semitones
Drop your D down 3 semitones
And then drop your G down 1 semitones.
The two high strings stay the same.

This is a very big drop for the low strings so I suggest you look into some thicker gauge strings, otherwise they'll just be too loose and floppy.

Happy playing.
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