If the link works it will show you three pictures of the same model. The one on the far left and far right look the same. The one in the middle the spruce top is much lighter in color almost white and you cannot see woodgrain.

The one on the far left is 2 ounces lighter in weight than the other two.

What did you think?

I've always wanted a good acoustic that's easy on the hands that I can record with.


edit: the link works but you have to click on the orange tab that says compare models.
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Great - buy something used though and you will get more bang for your buck. You do realize this is not a full sized acoustic yes?
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If that's what floats your boat.. I wouldn't call that a "good" acoustic, but that is just my opinion - and you know what they say about opinions.
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it's a smaller guitar, although my 6' 7" husband plays 3/4 dreads with no problem. don't expect it to sound like a large, all solid guitar, but as 3/4 dreads go, i like the little martin more than the baby taylor and a lot more than the yamaha jr1.

wood, being an organic material, is pretty much never going to be the same weight from piece to piece. all guitars have variance of weight.
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Thanks for the thoughts it's appreciated. It's too much of an experiment and I have decided against buying the little Martin.