So a year ago a close friend who I used to live with passed away in a motorbike accident, it's a shit situation but everyone's doing what they can to get by, etc

Fast forward to a week ago and I find out his old guitar is sat in our I'd common room, other people I lived with thought it was an old one I'd left behind. I speak to his fiancee and see if she wants it, but as she has no memories of him attached to it she's happy for me to keep it.

It's in a shocking state. The front and rear plates are cracked and stained, the bridge, switches and string retainers are rusty. I'm hoping to give it a new lease of life (and put some new pickups on it too)

It's nothing special, a bruised old squire strat, but it would be good if I can make something nice out of it rather than throw it or let it rot away.

I know next to nothing about guitars, hardly played in the last 10 years, so if anyone could give me some direction on good parts to buy or any referb tips and tricks.

Thanks in advance for any help.