I am having some problems with my cheap yamaha acoustic that I use as my backup. I do alot of my own work but have never encountered this issue. The fifth string has this "dead" kinda dampened sound. I have already tried replacing the saddle and readjusting the already perfectly adjusted neck. Oh and the nut is not an issue. There is no fret buzz whatsoever, and the weird dampened sound seems to be coming from the bridge area. It only last up to like the seventh fret, then it returns to normal. I have no idea wht it could be. Any suggestions on things to check out?
Perhaps the string is dead (or dying). Try a new A string - see if it sorts the problem.
I forgot to mention that this sound started after I changed strings. Brand new set.
If that is so it sounds to me as if the particular string might be a dud. Put the old one back on and see if it helps.